Actuarial Services for Government Contractors

Pine Cliff Consulting offers leading-edge actuarial services to Government contractors. What makes Pine Cliff unique is that our consultants have extensive consulting and direct front line experience with Government contracting issues and understand the ERISA, IRS and FASB rules affecting pension and retiree medical/life plans as well as the CAS and FAR rules that govern the recovery of these costs under Federal Government contracts.

The complexity of the various rules affecting retirement plan costs for organizations that contract with the Federal Government is staggering. We have extensive experience working with the procurement rules, and we are equally skilled in the world of pension and retiree benefits, enabling us to provide highly effective consulting advice specifically tailored to the needs of the Federal contractors. We also have extensive experience providing expert actuarial opinions and testimony in matters of Government contractor litigation.

Because of our unique focus, we are at the forefront of retirement-plan issues affecting Government contractors, including CAS harmonization, segment closings, and ongoing cost reimbursement for pension and other benefits. We stay current through participating in industry associations, researching and writing articles and conducting ad hoc surveys. In addition, we also maintain informal contacts with various Government agencies.

Retirement Program Strategy and Financial Management

Pine Cliff Consulting is ready to partner with you to fully evaluate financial and human capital strategies for your retirement programs. Having both internal management experience and actuarial expertise allows us to bring unique perspective in the evaluation of retirement plan strategy that is hard to find in a traditional benefits consulting firm.

We understand that retirement solutions are not one size fits all and each company’s strategy needs to satisfy their own goals and objectives, vision, and corporate culture. Pine Cliff Consulting can provide unbiased advice based on specific business circumstances and assist in executive and board level strategic communications by making complex issues easy to evaluate, execute and communicate.

A well executed benefits strategy requires a full understanding of the potential road blocks that may exist along the way as well as follow on effects of actions to be taken. We are prepared to assist in strategy execution and coordination across multiple internal and external constituents.

Benefits Finance Operations

You want to focus on your core business. Let us help you manage your benefits programs.

Day to day financial management for benefits programs requires an understanding of actuarial, financial reporting and general compliance requirements for retirement plans, health plans and other benefits in an ever evolving area. Financial management of benefit plans include regulatory reporting to various government agencies including the DOL, IRS, and PBGC, to name a few, as well as SEC financial reporting in the form of 10-Ks, 10-Qs and Proxy Statements. Successful financial management of benefit plans involves oversight and coordination amongst multiple third party providers including actuaries, third party administrators and trustees.

Pine Cliff Consulting brings in-house benefits finance background, technical expertise and direct experience interfacing with government agencies to help you navigate this complex and highly specialized area. Our consultants are prepared to partner with you to optimize your relationship with third party providers to ensure success. In addition, we have a wide professional network across plan sponsors, regulators and actuaries, allowing us to benchmark and identify best in class benefits finance practices.